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Web Site Hosting and Domain Name Registration

Web site hosting

Your web site will need to be hosted somewhere. There are some free options, like Google Sites, but you get very limited design options OR your site will have pop up advertising that you can't control. If you buy your hosting through ABasicsDesign you will automatically get tracking of the traffic to your web site and there won't be any annoying pop up ads.

An explanation to the difference between web hosting and domain hosting: Click here!

Web Site Hosting - 1 years hosting of your web site, up to 200MB. £20.00/year

Email Hosting - 1 years hosting of 1 email account (providing your domain is bought through us) £10.00/year

Domain Name Registration

When you have a web precence you should invest in a domain name that relates to the content of your web site. Try to think of a name that is as short and easy to remember as possible. A good example of easily remembered names (even if some of them are a bit on the lengthy side) are: iwantoneofthose.com, lastminute.com, ryanair.com, bbc.co.uk. Also think of which audience you are aiming for. If you are selling products strictly within the UK, there is no need for you to have a .com domain, in fact a .co.uk would be much more suitable. If you are running a site with information that is global or you are selling products to other countries than your own, a .com domain is best. I can help you check availability of domains, buy it and link it to your web site.

1 year .uk domain - 1 year registration of domain name for addresses ending .uk. Registration fee £8.00/year

1 years .com, .org or .net domain - 1 year registration of domain name for addresses ending .com, .org or .net Registration fee £13.00/year


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